NFL kicks off fifth annual Fabulous Uniform Month

PITTSBURGH – As it has for the last 5 Octobers, this Sunday the National Football League once again kicked off its annual ‘NFL Super Fabulous Uniforms Month’. Celebrating the NFL’s proud tradition of strong, statuesque men in tight little pants, for the next 4 weeks all teams will adorn their on-field uniforms with several items of pink flare, including gorgeously soft pink towels, and so-super-cute pink gloves. Speaking at a press conference at NFL Headquarters in New York, program director Derek Vancé was excited for this year’s accessories. “One item we’re just giddy about is our special edition referee’s hat. The traditional black brim says ‘Hey! No you didn’t just rough the passer!’, while the new pink trim says, ‘Oh I can’t stay mad at you.’”

The Texans take on the Jets on MNF, tonight at 8:30pm EST on ESPN.

Look at his tiny pink bracelets. – (AP Photo)


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