Letter: Watching first presidential debate ‘so super not fun’

FROM: Linda Reichart, DALLAS, TX

Dear L&B,

Wednesday night, I had a few coworkers over to watch the presidential debate. I thought it’d be a fun thing to do, you know, bond with the girls outside the office? And I went crazy! Got some nice white wine, made bruschetta, I even bought cookies shaped like little Donkeys and Elephants. So political right! Anyways, people have been talking about this ‘debate’ for months now, so by the time 9PM rolled around we could not have been more excited.

Then it started.

What the fuck was that?

We sat, in my living room, for 45 minutes watching those two dull old men talking about this and that and a whole bunch of boring nonsense. First, Romney would not shut up about this blah blah 3% of small businesses will get a 35% tax credit on their first $100,000 of who knows what he was talking about. And then Obama! With his “A team of independent economists expect private sector job growth to accelerate at 18% by the end of the fiscal year” routine. I mean, slow down nerd! It was like I was back in high school math! And I hated high school math.

Anyways, we just ended up watching The Princess Bride on Lifetime, and called it a night.

All in all, I give the debate 1.5/4 stars.


Linda Reichart

Linda Reichart, with her phone – (AP Photo)


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