BlackBerry unveils new line of business school case studies


WATERLOO – At a high profile event at its Waterloo, Ontario headquarters this week, smartphone maker BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY) announced its latest product extension, a line of 7 new business-school case studies, all centered around how to run a once-great company straight into the ground.

Speaking at the event, BlackBerry CEO John Chen laid out the development process behind the company’s exciting new products. “At BlackBerry, we have always believed that the best way to serve our customers is to consistently deliver them the products they don’t want, long after they never wanted them. And with these 7 new case studies, we feel we’ve once again been able to deliver on this promise.”

An exhibit from 'An Intro to Capital Markets: Share Price at BlackBerry'. – (AP Photo)

An exhibit from ‘An Intro to Capital Markets: Share Price at BlackBerry’. – (AP Photo)

The launch, coming on the heels of BlackBerry’s recent decision to end its channel partnership with #4 US cellular carrier T-Mobile, has been seen by many industry observers as all part of Chen’s broader effort to determine whether his company can remain highly profitable while generating exactly zero revenue.

“We think at this point, the global personal communication market is trending away from smaller, agile, multi-purpose handsets, and towards written documentation of the many ways a company can slowly self-destruct”, said BlackBerry PR representative Doug McDonald, speaking on a conference call with investors Tuesday. He went on to stress that this bold strategic departure was “the best we could come up with before the weekend” and “probably has the full faith and support of our board of directors, if we could find them.”

BlackBerry’s line of business school cases launch Thursday for all BlackBerry OS 10 enabled devices, exclusively via the BlackBerry World app store.


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