Violent protests erupt at US embassy in Ottawa

OTTAWA – Amid growing global tensions over US foreign policy, a demonstration broke out at the United States’ embassy in Ottawa Friday morning. The protesters, estimated to number between 5 and 10, have so far assembled a human wall of folding chairs along Avenue Mackenzie, and have begun hurling disproving looks. The tension was sparked earlier this week by a newly released American documentary questioning the safety and quality standards of both Canadian beer and bacon.

“Oh y’know, I just thought I might come out here today, and express my opinions.” said Marjorie MacDonald, a 72 year old retired kindergarten teacher. “I don’t so much care for everything the US is doin’ these days. I’ve been hearing about some not very nice things.” She went on to suggest that although her opinions may differ from those of her neighbors to the south, she hoped her presence wouldn’t lead them to take offense, adding, “I’m sure they’re all very nice.”

Several protesters gather outside the US Embassy in Ottawa Friday – (AP Photo)

The protest escalated briefly around 4pm, when an elderly man approached the embassy’s Marine guard station, to ask whether they could turn down their radios, as they were disturbing local birds.

The protest is set to continue Saturday, and end whenever the NHL and NHLPA sign a new collective bargaining agreement.


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