Victoria reveals secret she drugged and kidnapped a vacuum salesman in 1949

COLUMBUS – Speaking from her hospital bed at the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University, Victoria’s Secret founder and Chairwoman Victoria Schnelsenburger, 89, revealed Friday that her lingerie empire’s famous namesake stems from her 8-day kidnapping of Stanley Francis, a door-to-door vacuum salesperson, in September, 1949.

“You know, it’s funny to think back; we were just sitting in my living room chatting, and I thought, ‘jeez, Vic, I bet you could slip something in this guy’s tea, tie him up, and keep him in your basement for a couple of days’.”

Schnelsenburger went on to describe how she bound the disoriented Francis’s arms and legs with his own vacuum’s power cord, then used some chain and an old padlock to secure the 32 year-old husband and father of 3 to her hot water tank.

“I mean, isn’t that something?” added Schnelsenburger, pausing to reflect on her youthful experimentation with a class A-1 felony.

“The cord from his own vacuum.”

Victoria Schnelsenburger, 89, seen above with one of her eponymous company's lingerie models. - (AP Photo)

Victoria Schnelsenburger, 89, seen above with one of her eponymous company’s lingerie models. – (AP Photo)


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