Über to test launch new ‘José’ handyman service

The new logo for Über's 'José' app, unveiled Friday - (AP Photo)

The new logo for Über’s ‘José’ app, unveiled Friday – (AP Photo)

SAN FRANCISCO – Following on the impressive success of its app based black-car platform in markets around the globe, today Über announced the Beta launch of its newest offering, ‘José’, an on-demand handyman location service. Starting Monday, users downloading the free iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry app will be able to view the locations of friendly, inexpensive, independent in-home contractors in their area, book their time, and transfer payment, all conveniently from their smartphone.

Analysts expect the new service to be popular with urban professionals, suburban families, and anyone comfortable paying someone else very little to do that wretched thing they wouldn’t dream of doing themselves.


José comes on the heels of strong reviews for Über’s last new release ‘¿Abuela?’, a service allowing on-the-go working mothers to temporarily leave their children with a nearby Puerto Rican nanny.


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