Report: You click on friend of friend’s Facebook photo

SAN ANTONIO – According to reports, a Facebook photo of two bikini-clad young women was recently viewed by you. The photo, originally a very small thumbnail but then much larger after you clicked on it, shows two attractive 25 year olds tanning, wearing only swimwear, at a location unfamiliar to you. “Why would anyone post a photo like this?” you thought, as you studied the image of the two nearly undressed strangers for several minutes. It is believed that the photo’s owner, Jennifer Simmons, was met by you at a coworker’s housewarming, where you briefly discussed where she could find the bathroom.

Later it was reported, that after becoming heavily intoxicated, you accidentally ‘liked’ the photo, only to rapidly ‘unlike’ it upon your return to sobriety the next morning.

Your call to confirm the photo’s authenticity was not returned because you do not have Simmons phone number.

The photo that was just deleted from your browser history. – (AP Photo)

BREAKING: In a strange post-modern, existentialist turn of events, authorities are trying to determine why you clicked on this story.


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