Report: Friends’ New Years Plan Really Coming Together

TORONTO – According to sources a group of 25 friends have really nailed down a single, well-organized plan for New Years Eve. “It was pretty simple”, confirmed group organizer Lindsay Stalls, speaking Friday while relaxing in the assurance she had a roundly supported schedule for ringing in 2013. “The club had plenty of reasonably priced tickets, we booked well in advance, and I’ve already been reimbursed by each of my 24 best friends. Nothing has, can, or will go wrong.” Stalls went on to detail how she plans to easily procure transportation to and from the event, and how at no point she expects to be stuck outside wearing a short black dress in the rain and/or snow.

Additionally, event attendees Anna Ryan and Christine Timmons have each independently agreed they will avoid fighting about that thing that happened two months ago, nor will either cry at any point.

Despite the plan’s current success, there was some mild concern last week when it was believed group member Miley Adams’ very new boyfriend Sean might be attending, but was unable to find a ticket. Fortunately, seeing how her problem might inconvenience 24 other people, Adams decided it would be better to stick to the initial agreed-upon plan, and meet up with her very new boyfriend but they’re not really using the label ‘boyfriend’ because it’s so early later that night.

At time of writing the group was reportedly exchanging emails praising Stalls for thanklessly crafting a wonderful New Years plan, and generally remarking on how excellent a time each expects to have.

An artists rendering of exactly how these people's New Years Eve will look. - (AP Photo)

An artists rendering of exactly how these people’s New Years Eve will look. – (AP Photo)


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