Line and Break’s STYLEBEAT! — The top 5 hottest halloween costumes for 2013


Good morning from StyleBeat HQ in beautiful downtown Omaha! It’s 9AM in New York, 6AM on the West Coast; this is your StyleBeat What’s Hot Update, for Tuesday October 8th! I’m your host Jeff Riley, let’s do this!

With the long hot nights of summer slowly fading, it’s time to stow those shorts and tees, and focus on everyone’s favorite scary holiday, Halloween. Not sure what to rock this October 31st? Don’t you worry, StyleBeat’s got you covered, with these top 5 picks for 2013’s hottest costumes.

#5: Sexy Ruth Bader Ginsberg


Coming in hot at #5 is everyone’s favorite robed babe, Supreme Court Associate Justice, Sexy Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Easy, easy stuff here kids: just robe, glasses, doily, boobs. Objections? OVERRULED! Next!

#4: A1A Car Wash


Want to make this Halloween an A1 day? At #4 we’ve got a treat for any loyal Breaking Bad fan: Walter White’s go-to legitimate front for vehicle upkeep and money laundering, his A1A car wash! Looking to up the authenticity? Try rolling 5-deep in a posse of illegal A1A employees! That my friends, is Heisenberg approved.

#3: Gary Smith


Is anyone cooler right now than Gary Smith? Honestly, try as we might here at StyleBeat, we just cannot get enough of this guy! Gary Smith! If there’s something out there Gary can’t do, we sure haven’t found it yet. Gary, Gary, GARY! Take our advice, if you want to be the toast of even the most discerning costume party this year: ‘Gary Smith’. Such perfect hair. Such tasteful clothes. GaryGaryGaryGary!


#2: Baby Kim Jong Un


For the new parents out there, just because you’re now toting a tiny +1, doesn’t mean your costume ensemble has to be dragged down by a ‘clown’, ‘rabbit’, or other stale, played-out baby outfit.  Instead, try decking out your favorite pudgy little dictator as the world’s favorite pudgy little dictator! Just don’t forget, his diapers could go nuclear.

And finally, coming in at the #1 spot, for the second year in a row…

#1: Aaron Hernandez!


Go long, people! If you love football, no costume is ever as hot as that of New England Patriots all-star tight end Aaron Hernandez. Perfect for ladies, gents, and little kids, trick-or-treating as Aaron Hernandez, the former University of Florida Gator and BCS Champion, will be sure to impress even the most casual NFL fan. Just throw on the #81 and some white shorts and you’ll be ready for whatever a raucous Halloween might throw your way!

Now let’s get out there! Break!


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