Drudge: Unaccompanied woman addresses crowd of liberals

An unnamed woman takes the podium at the DNC Tuesday night – (AP Photo)

CHARLOTTE – As reported initially by The Drudge Report, a lone, irate woman took the stage in Charlotte Tuesday night to address this year’s Democratic National Convention. Appearing without her husband, and baring uncovered shoulders, the woman spoke for approximately 25 minutes, while nearby security staff idly looked on. It is not presently clear whether the woman was invited , but early reports suggest she is known to DNC officials, and is said to have perpetrated such public disruptions in the past.

Speaking off the record, an Obama campaign spokespoerson acknowledged that, in addition, law enforcement is investigating charges that in attending the event, the woman in question left her children unattended at a Washington D.C. area government-funded housing complex. The woman’s two daughters, aged 14 and 11, are presently recovering from their ordeal with their biological father, who has plans to retrieve his wife later this week.

Political pundits began their dissection of the incident early Wednesday morning, with most sharing a similar viewpoint. “Certainly people in the mainstream media will want to discuss what she said, and her overall message,” commented Stan Smunch, a Republican strategist and Romney surrogate. “But, what I think is important, and what the American people think is important, is that key questions are answered. Questions like ‘how did a woman learn all those impressive words?’ And ‘where did she get the money to buy her very nice dress?’ And ‘has she ever had an abortion?’

A request for official comment from the DNC was not placed. The 2012 Democratic Convention continues Wednesday.


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