Binders: ‘Leave us out of this’

A spokesperson responds to Mitt Romney’s comments on ‘binders full of women’ Wednesday – (AP Photo)

NEW YORK – Responding to comments made by Mitt Romney during Tuesday night’s debate, that as Massachusetts Governor he’d received “binders full of women”, binders are making clear they want no part in the utter clusterf$#k that is this presidential election. “Whoa, whoa, hold on.” said a spokesperson, appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday. “We keep your important papers organized, and give high-school students something to draw hearts and fighter planes on. We have always remained non-partisan, and that is how we expect to remain.” He went on to add that while some binders may have been filled with women in the past, today most binders are far more likely to contain a room service menu or the biology notes you’re about to throw out.


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