Monthly Archives: June 2016

The 42nd st. Dave & Busters, across from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. (AP Photo)

Trump to deliver speech Wednesday from 42nd St. Dave & Buster’s

NEW YORK – Amid reports that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is down to only $1.3M in cash on hand, the candidate announced Tuesday he’ll deliver a blistering critique of Secretary Clinton’s chief executive qualifications Wednesday evening, from the party room at the 42nd St. Dave & Buster’s. “Secretary Clinton is terrible for the economy, doesn’t understand money,” […]

Short-list of potential Trump running mates down to six

WASHINGTON – As Donald Trump’s presidential bid continues steaming toward election day, the former real estate developer and reality star announced Friday that his list of potential running mates has been pared down to just six. “We’re looking at people, tremendous people”, Trump said speaking to reporters by phone Friday morning. “I’ve got six amazing, wonderful people, they love this country, […]

Thing that happens a lot happened again

ORLANDO – Early Sunday morning, according to sources, the same thing that seemingly happens a lot happened again. Though details are still emerging, witnesses have described the situation in roughly the same way as it’s usually described, with only slight, spirit-crushing differences. Reacting to the news, the people who usually think the thing is caused by one thing […]